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MyTaquero.com is an information hub built to help you find the best taqueros and taquerias near you.

If you’re looking for a taquero to cater your next corporate event or if you need a taquero for a birthday party, festival or wedding, We’re here to support you in your taco party quest for the best taquero in your area.

Finding a taquero for an event doesn’t have to be a difficult task, we provide you with important and valuable information that will help you find a taquero, negotiate a deal and be on your way to a taco party without a hassle.

We’re here to help you avoid any confusion in the taquero hiring process.

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Why does MyTaquero.com exist?

After decades of eating tacos throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States, and after many years hiring taqueros for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, etc., we realized the process should be easier.

There’s a ton of interest in hiring taqueros for corporate events and parties but very much helpful information on how to approach it. The majority of the information we’ve found on the web is either confusing, outdated or not in a easy to read source.

So as a result, we created MyTaquero.com.

We’re happy to bring you valuable taquero information and wish your next event will be a phenomenal success.

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How can I advertise my company on MyTaquero.com?

MyTaquero.com receives thousands of page views every month, creating hundreds of profitable leads for local businesses across the country. The site is targeted to digital and tech savvy event creators, foodies, trendy moms and anyone who has a strong interest in planning events and tacos!

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